Cao Lau Hoi An


In Vietnam and in particulary Hoi An, if you smile, they will give the best of themselves. If you want to negotiate a little, this is your best shot. Its free and your are in holiday, so you have no excuse. You will notice that Vietnamese people are very sensitive to a good smile.


- Here, Children play football in the middle of shops
- Here, When there is not enough space for tables on pavements, they will use the road as an extension.
- Here, When the police comes, we put all the tables and chairs back inside in less than 10 seconds in order to avoid a fine or confiscation of gear.
- Here, we row with our feet
- Here, There are plastic flowers in hotel rooms and spas
- Here, The TV is a shop window
- Here, We park the motorbike in the house
- Here, Ants measure 2 cm in size et bananas 4cm
- Here, We can find Lizards, 25cm above our bed
- Here, All prices are negotiable: Cyclos, scooter rentals, bills, cigarettes, water bottles, bus tickets, motorbike repairs
- Here, When you cross the rooad, you need to look in front, behind, left and right
- Here, even in a one way street, you will find a scooter driving the wrong way.
- Here, We eat anytime of day or night
- Here, A train travels 100km in 3 hours
- Here, A bus travels 100km in 5 hours
- Here, A scooter is suitable for 5 people
- Here, Buses stop on a two-lane in the middle of the road
- Here, there are no side streets to exit highways, so we cut the road it is that simple 
- Here, We transport everything on a scooter: Pigs, chicken, fridge, ice blocks
- Here, We can check our weight, get a haircut and get a shave on the pavements
- Here, pavements are for all use (motorbike garage, sell, food, small coffee tables and for a nap), all but for pedestrians
- Here, We purchase cigarettes by unit
- Here, the main road at night, is the most romantic spot for couples
- Here, if you get on a bus, there will always be someone asking who you are, where you are from and what you are doing here, they will then thank you for the conversation
- Here, your best friend is your horn
- Here, driving the wrong side of the road is normal
- Here, Youth's favorite activities is Karaoke
- Here, women cover themselves entirely ( Bob, face mask, gloves that get up to the shoulders) to avoid sun tan because white skin is fashionable!
- Here, 25% of windows face walls
- Here, women dream to gain a little more weight

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