At the end of 1999, Hoi An was inscribed as a World Heritage site of Unesco for its architecture. 844 buildings are protected and restored regularly. (Temples, pagodas, bridges, houses ...). It is the only city in Vietnam that has remained unaffected by time.

Cao Lau Hoi An


The architecture of Hoi An entirely of wood, is of considerable interest. It combines traditional Vietnamese techniques and Chinese, French and Japanese influences. Hoi An was a trading port where many traders from around the world built their homes according to their own culture.

Cao Lau Hoi An


Hoi An houses are often built around the same pattern reminiscent of a long corridor on to which each end leads to a different street. In the middle of most houses you will find a small open courtyard. The roofs are made of wood and tiles. The walls are mostly yellow or blue turquoise. The heart of the old town is 80% for pedestrians good for walking around with the camera.

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