The city of Hoi An has been classified as Unesco heritage site for its architectural in 1999. Asian crossroads of international trade, the city has inherited an incredible mix of architecture, making it a unique city! Preserved by the government, this city is the favorite of many tourists who do not hesitate to go back every year. As of today Hoi An is the most visited city in Vietnam.


Hoi An is an incredibly well-preserved example of a city that was an Asian trading port from the 15th to the 19th century. Its buildings and its street plan reflects Vietnamese tradition as well as foreign influences that gave birth to this unique heritage. All trade with foreign countries were done in Hoi An, boats came from all over Asia as well as European countries such as Holland, Portugal, France, England and Spain. The animation generated by these commercial relations has transformed this small town into a center of cultural exchange.


Hoi An is a small town of 120 000 inhabitants of Vietnam, located in the province of Quang Nam, 30km south of Danang on the Thu Bon River. Bordered by the South China Sea, the city of Hoi An brings together a wealth of heavenly places such as the white sandy beach of Cua Dai (very popular with tourists) and that of An Bang beach (known as the "expatriates corner" , less crowded and more authentic). Apart from its pristine beaches, 15 km away you will find the exceptional site of Cham Island, an archipelago of eight islands (the biosphere reserve was recognized by UNESCO in 2009). This is one of the most beautiful tropical islands of Vietnam, almost intact environment.


Currency conversion
$ 1 = 20,800 Vnd
1 € = 27,000 Vnd

Cost of living
Price of coke ( in the street): 15,000 Vnd ($0.70 )
Cao Lau (local dish): 30,000 Vnd ($1.5)
Taxi (Danang - Hoi An): 350,000 vnd - 400 000 Vnd ($17 to $20)
Rent a bike: Vnd 20,000 per day ( less than $1)
Room in a beach resort: 2,500,000 Vnd / night (approx $125)

Population: 121,000
Number of visitors per year: 1,032,797 (2007 figures)
Number of buildings under Unesco: 844
Distance to Da Nang: 30km
Number of shoe shops: 101
Number of tailor shops: over 200



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