With Climate change affecting most parts of the world, it is very difficult to predict the weather forecast. To add to this, Vietnam is sometimes only given one forecast when the country has very different seasons between Nord, Central and South. Hoi An is in the Center, in the province of Quang Nam, near Da Nang. We would not go as far as to say it is a micro-climate but close enough....

Meteo à hoi an Vietnam


Contrary to the North of Vietnam, The Central region is totally excempted from winter season. It is hot and humid, either hot or dry. It is very rare to reach under 20 Celcius even during the rainy season. From March to September, the weather is hot (around 38C) and rain only starts from October and temperature start to drop (especially at night) The rainy season last a little under 2 month (October and November). However, it is not unusual to have sunny days during this period. In January, Temperature starts to rise and the sun comes back slowly but surely. Rain becomes a rare sight


Within a few years, we have noticed a change in weather pattern and seasons starting late or early. It is possible to see more rain in January / February and the rainy season can start late. Also, it is not unusual to have bright sunny days in the middle of November and even in January


We live in Hoi An all year long. Just email us and we will tell you how the weather is. You won't get better info! We will do our best to answer within 24 hours. This service is only for future guests. Here is our email:

WARNING: Do not rely too much on weather forecasts from websites, they are rarely right and this is a good way of spoiling your holiday. If you wish to know more, write us an email and we will give you the weather as it is.

2012: Summer lasted until beginning of December. There were no floods in Hoi An which is very un-common. The rainy season lasted around 3 weeks. 2013: January is normally not a sunny month but this year we had 3 days of sunshine for 1 day of rain

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